The Energetic Learning Campus in Action… so far


The Energetic Learning Campus officially opened in mid October.  Contractors are just now doing the finishing touches on things such as telephones, lighting, and the Internet.  To say start-up was challenging would be an understatement but we are happy with the positive feedback that we’ve received from students and parents so far.

We are keenly aware that our program and routines will need continuous tuning.  Our infrastructure has caused some communication challenges.  There have been some bumps as we learn to operate as good neighbours in such a large public facility.  Some (thankfully, very few) of our students are struggling with the amount of freedom that they have been given, and both school and city staff are struggling with the balance of “tight vs loose” when it comes to expectations.

However, we are confident that dialogue and time will help us to build on all of the positive things that are happening in this amazing new learning space. We are inspired by Seth Godin’s quote:  “…there is a small price to pay for making change too early (start-up challenges, implementation dips) but a huge price to pay for making change too late (an institutional bypass of public education).”

Please take a moment to watch the three-minute video, which includes clips of the ELC in action, student and teacher comments, and the song “Dream Outside the Box” (which was written by one of the groups that took part in the district’s “Today and Tomorrow” conversations three years ago).

Click here to down load: ELC – AI

Click here to watch on YouTube


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